Avoiding Elga

A Fiction Novel

Work in progress that will be ready March of 2015

Title: Avoiding Elga
Genre: Mainstream fiction or Mainstream Literary fiction

A second year college student on a trek of Europe meets an Austrian playwright and his crew in Morocco and they invite him to come with them to Munich in their VW van, Munich being halfway to Sweden where our hero has a job as a nanny for the kids of a wealthy industrialist.

On the way, our hero is hypnotized and caused to play dress-up and engage in some questionable erotic practices for two weeks as the playwright and crew write their play that stars our hero. He is hypnotized again at the end of the session with a memory block of the last two weeks implanted and the crew leaves him at a train station in Barcelona where he makes his way, a little dazed, to Munich.

In Munich he gets a job as an apprentice chef and enjoys the kitchen work and settles into life in Munich. He meets an attractive young Brazilian woman who is going to film school in Munich and she is rehearsing the play written with him as the subject. The play is coming to Munich soon after its initial run in Austria and our hero helps his girlfriend as a dialogue coach as some of the play is in English.

Reading the script and attending rehearsals starts to make or hero feel a strong sense of déjà vu.

Will our hero break the deep hypnotic lock on his memory? Will our hero choose the wild Austrian actress and the high life that she lives, or will he believe enough in love to proceed with his life as it has been unfolding?