About The Writer

Timothy Ford McGregor was born in the Los Angeles basin and spent his formative years in Catholic school learning to think like a Jesuit.

His family moved to a beach community south of Los Angeles and he started his lifelong love affair with the ocean. He was the only reader in his family and he took great solace in the many worlds he was able to visit by cracking open a book.

He was a normal student in high school and participated in the swim team and track and field, in his first two years of college he was an oarsman and graduated from undergrad with a degree in Economics which he felt was a good multipurpose degree that would allow him to work around the world and see what there was to see.

At age thirty six, he hit a hard wall in his self directed reading program and needed professional help so he enrolled in a Master’s Degree program at San Diego State University and learned about many authors who had previously been inaccessible to him.

His work history includes throwing newspapers, washing dishes, cook’s assistant, gas station attendant, apprentice chef in Germany, waiter, bartender, Customhouse Broker, sales guy in South America, trading company executive, restaurant assistant manager, international landmine removal specialist, marketing guy, sales guy and now novelist.

The novel was, is now and ever shall be his primary obsession. He lives in Houston, Texas and is supported in life by the lovely Eiko Mizutani McGregor, his wife of twenty five years and sons and grandchildren.